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May 22

I am going to be joining soon. I wanted to particular know about few minor perks that kinda matter to me on a daily basis. Does linkedin have laundry and ironing facilities such as purple tie? Does it have swimming pool? And of course we need to add comp to the question - how much is the stock refresher every yr on an avg?


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  • Daimler3$420C
    Good food
    May 221
    • AmazonKTwr51OP
      I am aware of that. Ate over there couple of times to decide 😜
      May 22
  • Intuitdffghgcf
    Op, how was your interview experience? Can you share some insights? Thanks!
    May 222
    • AmazonKTwr51OP
      I enjoyed the experience. Very relevant to the work i do currently. It was ml focused for me. So they had an ml theory round, 2 design rounds (build ml systems), 2 coding round (not so much as leetcode types but leetcode gave me enough practice to solve them), 2 behavioral rounds (one in the end with a host manager and one during lunch). For behavioral they want to see if you have owned/led big projects in past, if you are enthu about linkedin etc.
      May 22
    • Intuitdffghgcf
      Thank you!
      May 22
  • LinkedInBlind9999
    Very good work culture.
    Better work life balance.
    Excellent food.
    Coffee bar.
    Game rooms.
    PerkUp (2000$ per year for various stuff like gym, massages, tax, cleaning)
    Onsite gym and awesome fitness classes going on all day (think crossfit, flywheel, etc.)
    CAMPSITE - workshop kind of room where you have access to many tools including 3d printers, holo lens and other stuff.

    All this and competitive pay I would say.

    I love everything about working here!
    May 222
    • AmazonKTwr51OP
      Thanks for the details here.
      Do they have laundry services? I need to decide whether ill keep a laundry help or not
      May 22
    • LinkedIn / Eng
      Gill Bates


      [Insert epic sax here]
      Gill Batesmore
      They have on-site laundry lockers (think it's purple tie), you need to pay for it.
      May 22
  • LinkedInSquall
    Stock refresher is not guaranteed. It depends on performance so it could be 0.

    No swimming pool
    May 224
    • AmazonKTwr51OP
      For meets expectation/avg performance there are no stock refreshers? I am worried on being stuck on the same salary level for quite sometime.
      May 22
    • AmazonKTwr51OP
      Also is there laundry services like purple tie?
      May 22
    • LinkedInSquall
      Yes meets can get 0.
      May 22
    • LinkedInSquall
      Yes we have purple tie
      May 22
  • LinkedInMzqC50
    There is purple tie. There isn’t any specific place to do laundry though.
    May 220
  • Salesforce / EngTrumptard
    Is it also true that they have unlimited vacation policy + have two 1 week shutdowns a year?

    If so, when are the shutdowns this year?

    I am also planning to join in couple weeks!
    Jun 41
    • MicrosoftHeirloom
      July first week, I think the second one is during Christmas week
      Jun 4

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