List of Beto's accomplishments

Mar 14 15 Comments



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  • Glassdoor QHTz40
    He'd still beat Trump though i.e. 0 > Negative
    Mar 144
    • If you count damage done Trump is way into negative territory.
      Mar 14
    • Must hurt to know Hillary lost to someone with a negative IQ
      Mar 14
    • Google / Eng


      14 yoe engineer in tech
      Tells a lot about the iq of ppl who voted for trump
      Mar 14
    • ViaSat / Designmark1650
      It doesn't take a genius to know we don't need a president who can't handle secrets, who is more interested in money to the family foundation, and who thinks half the country is a "basket of deplorables"s".
      Mar 14
  • Uber C H O N K
    It’s blatantly clear that experience and accomplishments are not a prerequisite to becoming POTUS.
    Mar 140
  • Apple 867530nine
    Oh so now we’re expecting presidents to have Achievements and experience now?

    Where the hell were you purity folks the last 10 years?

    I would have assumed we simply go for big shit talkers now.
    Mar 140
  • Apple ijyA68
    Did he get out of his DUI? That would be an accomplishment.
    Mar 141
    • New sparked
      Between his DUI and Burglary charges he’d be doing 15+ upstate if he were one of his purported base
      Mar 14
  • Credit Karma EllisDee25
    He’s a gentrifier, votes for Republican initiatives, and successfully convinced wealthy donors and the press that he can trick the DNC voting base into backing another neoliberal moderate like Obama.

    “Review of his six-year record in Congress shows Democrat frequently opposed own party, and supported bills that boosted the fossil fuel industry and Trump’s immigration policy”
    Mar 140
  • Google et2nw8
    His campaign vacuumed up A LOT of campaign cash that could've went to other closer races?
    Mar 150
  • New sparked
    Beto has a history of shady funneling campaign contributions into his pocket and advocating for policy that directly benefits his pockets so I would say he is coming to the table with the same qualifications as Trump. I’m excited.
    Mar 140
  • Oscar 🐨koala
    Mar 141
    • Intel yhgth
      I mean, didn’t he basically play the old white r*tard antidote to Obama for 8 years? Was that appealing?
      Mar 14
  • Microsoft und3rpaid
    Managed to stay out of jail despite getting awfully close at least twice.

    Played in a band for a couple of years before finding himself. Must have been great growing up upper middle class. I’m sure he’s very connected to the struggles of minorities and the employed poor.

    So yeah, tons of achievements 🙄
    Mar 150

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