List of companies most likely to go public by the year 2021:

New / Eng aUToronto
May 22 12 Comments

I'm graduating in 2021 and would love to get a list of companies that you think might go public around that time. Thank you.


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  • Flexport dobits
    Curious why you want to work at a company that will IPO when you graduate. What's the plan?
    May 22 6
    • New / Eng aUToronto
      I was an intern at a company that saw a 500%+ increase of their stock price over five years. I saw the amount of energy it brought to the employees. The fire in their eyes.

      It wasn't the same when I worked at another big company which despite being extremely influential/innovative was struggling with their stock market. It wasn't the same experience.

      I want to work at a company at a time of excitement and energy. And a company where IPO went right should be exactly that.
      May 22
    • Oracle bT43cv
      Why lying man? Man up and say you like money.
      May 22
    • New / Eng aUToronto
      Ya that too :p Envious of the smug faces at Zoom, PagerDuty, Lyft, Uber etc.
      May 22
    • Flexport dobits
      Yeah but you aren't going to make bank if you join as the company IPOs. Especially in an entry level role...
      May 22
    • Unity fvgt456dvg
      Dobits speaks the truth
      May 22
    • New / Eng

      New Eng

      NVIDIA, Adobe
      May 22
  • Facebook skfi6k
    List of all unicorn companies (1B+): Some of them will go public in the next couple of years
    May 22 0
  • New lgraham
    By 2021, we will very likely be in a recession. And no company would want to list then unless no other option to raise capital
    May 22 1
  • Compass FDKJ24
    We were told most likely go public by 2020.
    Jun 4 0
  • Google dumbfcuk
    Haha it's amazing how some people come up with stupid ideas. It doesn't work that way son.just hope market is not crashing when you graduate
    May 23 0

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