Live where you like and commute to work or live close to work and commute everywhere else?

New heu
Dec 4

We work all day every day, so is it worth it to live 10 minutes from the office if you're 30 minutes from friends and your hobbies? Or would you rather commute 60 min to work in traffic but on nights and weekends be minutes from friends and other things?



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    Facebook, Google
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    Work and live within 10 minutes from friends.
    Dec 42
    • Intel UGeJ58
      Don't leave the comfort bubble. Don't ask questions about leaving the comfort bubble
      Dec 4
    • OpenTable Meliodas
      I can go months without leaving SF. I’m fine with the bubble.
      Dec 4
  • New / EngAussieSWE
    I like to wfh and go into the office a few days a week.
    Dec 40
  • Apple Wapple
    Don’t shit where you eat. Don’t sleep where you shit. Don’t... ah fuck it do what you want.
    Dec 41
    • New / EngAussieSWE
      Don’t get your meat where you get your bread. :)
      Dec 4
  • Apple iPhone Xs
    Stay close to work in a good area.
    Dec 40
  • Google / Engandone
    60 mins is too much. I can tolerate 30 min commutes though, and I like being away from office.
    Dec 40

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