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Workday vVLA79
May 6 4 Comments

Can anyone explain how these Telecom companies sold our location data. Did they literally just say here you go? This is somewhat baffling to me. I mean which team, which group was in charge of selling data? Is this the sales team? The data team? Did they sell their employee's data too? Also I read time to time that they are working hard to block phishing/robocalls but it seems like I've just been continuously getting these calls. The latest ones are from Azerbaijan...Anyone in the same boat?


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  • Facebook / Data Jeef Besus
    May 6 1
    • Sprint Chickenlip
      Yeah, it's a story in the news about how we're all getting sued because we sold location data. Personally I can't find anything too in depth. Hell, I'm curious as well and I'm in-house :)
      May 6
  • NetScout / Eng batua
    As far as I know telcos are very careful with location/id data. Robo calls have little to do with that
    May 6 0
  • Verizon XbVH67
    If you're talking about 'robo calls' then if you have a listed phone number OR you include your cell on a website, many lists are sold to outside sales. The calls come from a predictive dialer and once you answer the call is then transferred to a live agent. The only way to opt out in many cases is to ask the agent to take your number off their list. The do not call dot to gov site only lasts for about 6 months now. Other companies as soon as you ask them to remove your number, the agents will are told to disconnect the call. The best way to get to the bottom of the calling list is to answer wait 2 seconds and hang up.
    May 9 0