Looking For Technical Feedback On A Product/Company Idea

Apr 11 1 Comment

Previously in AdTech; now run a niche lifestyle manufacturing/eCommerce business.

I’m interested in fleshing out the technical aspects of a concept/product to a problem I’m currently experiencing (and already pay for a poor solution) with my current business by talking to a Full-Stack Engineer (web) who has a strong understanding of back-end/API development.

I can provide a product requirements document, wireframes, and screenshots.

I’m personally interested in the system design and feasibility/requirements/time to potentially build out an MVP as the backend would be somewhat complex.

The product could be scaled up and has the potential to become a high growth company as it meets the need of most, if not all eCommerce businesses (ie; VC funded startup).

Happy to pay $/hour if we come to the conclusion that it makes sense to build out some deliverables, but ultimately looking to have a long-form conversation.

Preferably Bay Area (in person/beers) and IP/non-compete laws.

TC: $365k
YOE: 5.5


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  • New wrcS08
    I am interested, i have spent years in big retail shops and have keen interest in retail .. let us just bounce ideas 💡 and see .. I am in Seattle though ..
    Apr 11 0