Looking for New Grad referrals

Amazon tenseflows
Sep 11 5 Comments

Looking for new grad SWE roles starting Jan 2020.
Interned at Amazon this summer. 330+ LC done and interview ready. Lmk if you need any other relevant info, I will DM you. :)
Would like referrals from - Adobe, Airbnb, Dropbox, Lyft, Pinterest, Snap, Yelp, Zillow

Refer me at: https://repher.me/r/-LoWr8-3cr2L2lBiZm5M


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  • What happened to returning to Amazon?
    Sep 11 3
    • Amazon tenseflows
      Wish to work at other places, especially unicorns
      Sep 11
    • Yelp fGGg31
      yelp aint a unicorn.
      Sep 11
    • Amazon tenseflows
      That's right, and neither are Lyft or Adobe, but I love the product and have been a long-time user. Also heard a lot of good things about the engineering culture at Yelp.
      @fGGg31 would you be willing to help me? :)
      Sep 11
  • Airbnb fvjTa
    You can dm me
    Sep 13 0