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Looking for Product Manager Opportunities in LA/OC/SD area

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Jan 1

Happy New Year everyone!

I’ve been laid off since last July and currently working at a start up company as a PM but this is a previous company I used to work for and would like to move to a tech company where I can learn and grow more as a PM.

I am looking for opportunities in LA/OC/SD as I currently live in Southern CA. If your company is currently hiring for PM & would like to refer please comment or DM me.

Reason for looking for different company is because TC is way too low and the company is moving way too slow. I worked at this start up for 1.5 years then left for another start up then came back because they needed help - the company did not changed at all ever since I left. I wish I didn’t come back but had to because $$ was running out.

Looking to learn and grow more as a PM with the company this year. I am applying constantly for jobs but wanted to see if there are any Blinders looking to help. Thank you!


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  • This is too much text and garbled thought for a good product manager. Good luck.
    Jan 13
    • SAP pmpdgm
      OP, do not lose hope. Would suggest tagging SoCal companies like Disney, and to an extent, Google, Amazon, etc to your post in case anyone at these companies can point you to some opportunities there.
      Jan 1
    • New / Product


      I make stuff and I’m super into it.
      Yeah this too ^ . Don’t lose hope. But you may want to communicate concisely
      Jan 1
    • New / OtherPMinspire
      Thanks @pmpdgm. I just tagged the companies you mentioned.
      Jan 1

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