Looking for UX Research position in Seattle/Redmond area

General Atomics / Eng g35s07
Apr 1 9 Comments

My wife is looking to transition her career into UX Research. She has a BS In Human Development and MA in Occupational Therapy with lots of clinical research experience and some transferable skills She’s currently taking classes on coursera. We’ve reached out to several recruiters but they are not interested due to her OT background. Would appreciate any tips, insight, or a referral for an entry level position or apprenticeship in the Seattle/Redmond area.


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  • New / Design Yesterday-
    HCI is relatively new (maybe about 15 years now since the fist PhD in HCI was awarded) — which is why you don’t see as many of them in the field yet. Additionally, those with an HCI degree are just as likely to become a UX designer / IxD. And a UX designer is usually expected to carry out the same tasks as a UXR.

    But on the note of finding your wife a position. She needs to get actual product experience — meaning find a startup, non-profit, etc where she can apply what she is learning and show real outcomes. And document the crap out of it and really hone in on storytelling skills. Nothing worse than a researcher that gives a presentation or doc that says 4 out 5 participants did X. Cool story 🤦🏼‍♂️. Doesn’t motivate or inspire me. And if she really wants to stand out learn some quant.
    Apr 1 4
    • Amazon Vqlw85
      Are you a UXR? whar companies' UX Designer / IxD also act as UXR?
      Jul 13
    • New / Design Yesterday-
      I started out as a UXR but now I’m a Product Design Lead. Need to check my credentials ?

      Can’t create exhaustive list to answer your second question and it sometimes depends which org and/or team you’re on.

      For example some teams at FB require the product designer to do end-to-end design work which will include user research or at least collecting feedback on their design work. But other teams within FB have dedicated researchers they are collaborating with.

      And then if you look at design orgs that are not as mature or don’t have a large headcount, those product designers should and most definitely do act as the UXR for their product.
      Jul 13
    • Amazon Vqlw85
      Thanks! When you apply to jobs, how do you know which role is more research, visual design, quantitative etc.? Job description often want unicorns

      Regardless the variation, what skills are most versatile to learn first? (As a developer with limited UX experience from college)
      Jul 14
    • New / Design Yesterday-
      Tough to say. Most-likely you’ll never come across a UX design role that asking a lot out of on the quant side. So most case that will be a UX Researcher or Quantitative UX Researcher role. So we can rule that out.

      And unfortunately a lot of HM don’t realize exactly what they want until they start interviewing so as you’ve noticed a job req might be super general.

      I think as a dev you already have the most versatile skill which will allow you to prototype all kinds of intersections.

      What domain or industry do you want to work in? Or just generally curious about cranking into Ux?
      Jul 14
  • Amazon gERH55
    I’d hit up some of the consulting agencies like Aditi. They’ll sometimes take non traditional candidates.
    Apr 2 0
  • Alibaba


    Why should anyone put a bio on blind? Who is your product guy?
    Why not just go get a degree in UX?
    Apr 1 1
    • General Atomics / Eng g35s07
      She already has a MA in a field that has a psychology, cognitive science related background. Just no explicit experience in HCI. We’ve been reading that a lot of UX researchers don’t have UX/HCI degrees but come from psychology, cog sci related field. So trying to build up experience first before heading down the path of going back to school.
      Apr 1
  • New / R&D zipzap1
    DM me I’ll give some pointers
    Apr 26 0


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