Looking for a controller/CFO position

New / Acctg Eagless
Oct 11 4 Comments

I am currently living in Toronto, Canada with my wife and two toddlers, and working as an audit manager a mid size public accounting firm.

I am looking to move to the bay area with my family and seeking a position as a controller or CFO related position in any tech, manufacturing, marketing, sports or entertainment industry. With the current political situation, anyone has advice on how to approach this move would be greatly appreciated.


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  • Credit Karma FieriGuy
    You need to know the CEO.
    Oct 11 0
  • WestRock Company gHgO35
    I would try and find a recruiter to work with. They will have the connections with the companies and might be easier for you being an out of town candidate. Based on your years experience you will need to target smaller companies to get the title you want.
    Oct 15 0
  • New / Other AuntHilda
    Unless you have “Controller” as your previous experience or you know someone, it’s not going to be easy. For CFO’s role, you need to know the Founder or CEO. May work if you have CFO role in your resume.
    Oct 14 0
  • New / Acctg Eagless
    I see. I was thinking of transitioning into a CFO position from a controller, but by the look of things, it is hard even getting an interview, especially when I have only Canadian status and would require a company in Cali who can sponsor me to get a working visa? Anyone had any luck?
    Oct 17 0


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