Looking for a job change #switchjobs #bayarea #dataanalyst #powerbi

HPE / Data nashnash
Sep 7 6 Comments

I am looking for a job change in bay area in the field if data analytics. My specialization is in the field of SQL and PiwerBI.


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  • Amazon / Eng DynamoDB
    This isn't Twitter
    Sep 7 1
    • HPE / Data nashnash
      My first time here. I received a recommendation from Blind to use hashtags so used them here.
      Sep 7
  • Pandora x0kjF
    Ok, keep us posted.
    Sep 7 0
  • New


    Bank of America
    Yoe: 🦏 TC: 🐐 Still not serious about life ...
    Hopefully useless hashtags doesn’t become a thing on blind.
    Sep 7 0
  • Optum djt1658
    Tableau is the "Cadillac". Power BI is the "Toyota Corolla" in my opinion. Cheap but still fine. Tableau's got all the bells & whistles
    Sep 7 0
  • Atlassian d@t_person
    Do top tech companies even use PowerBI in the Bay Area? Most seem to use Tableau
    Sep 7 0