Looking for a referral/anybody hiring in product management in Microsoft Canada?

Amazon azstar
Sep 22, 2018 6 Comments

I am an L6 PM in Amazon Europe looking to move to a country without visa issues. I have a Canadian PR. Good opportunities welcome.


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  • Microsoft PMM’d
    There are essentially no PM jobs in Canada for Microsoft. Microsoft Canada is just a field office with mostly sales jobs.

    Now, Microsoft Vancouver does have some engineering positions, but it’s mostly for people who can’t get a visa to work in the US. Your team will likely still be in Redmond and your career will be limited.
    Sep 22, 2018 2
    • LexisNexis Ano0810le
      If I get a job in Microsoft US, will they be open to transferring me to a Canada location, maybe even working for the US team?
      Jan 6
    • Microsoft PMM’d
      You need to ask the hiring manager. They might if you’re the good candidate, but keep in mind your career progression might be slower there, and your job harder (for example, you won’t be able to have the quick “corridor chat” with colleagues)
      Jan 7
  • Amazon ululemon
    What is the visa issue you are facing in Europe?
    Sep 22, 2018 1
    • Microsoft PMM’d
      I think what he’s thinking about is the issues with getting a visa (or worse a green card) in the US. Canada has a much more “no nonsense” policy for immigration of skilled workers.
      Sep 22, 2018
  • Amazon klingo
    Which country in Europe?Why do you want to leave Europe?
    Sep 22, 2018 0


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