Looking for initial stage startups

Microsoft Zpr
Jun 10 8 Comments

I am looking for initial stage startups for software developer roles/pm roles with around 4-5 employees.. not interested in working for startups with more folks. Any recommendation works. Thanks.
TC: 180k.
Yoe: 7 years.


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  • New / Eng hhhjhhh
    Jun 10 0
  • Uber poober
    Have you tried looking on Angel list?
    Jun 10 0
  • Marqeta trfglr
    Try looking at Journal, the company
    Jun 10 0
  • New blindd8
    Are you looking for any salary compensation? I am asking this because your posting indicated a total compensation. If you are looking for a hefty salary, I am not sure if you can find what you are looking for. Imagine a startup with 4-5 employees with the ability to pay you $180k. What would it look like? Does it exist? Usually startups that pay the TC which you are quoting in salary are well-funded. or you might be looking for a startup that just got funded. In which case they will be looking for people from their immediate circle. Or the investors are going to be putting the people in first.
    Jun 12 1
    • New / Eng hhhjhhh
      If you have relevant experience and they need it they definitely exist. A 5 person startup with $3mil seed in the bank can easily pay that if they need someone with specific skills. In this market startups can't compete for experienced people unless they pay for them and inexperienced people aren't always useful even if they're cheaper.
      Jun 12
  • Location?
    Jun 10 1
    • Microsoft Zpr
      Jun 18
  • New blindd8
    If you are not looking for an immediate big salary, try the place that I work. There's definitely need for software folks it is 5 people only. Hot market and very experienced team.
    Jun 12 0