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Hey guys,

I’m looking to break in to a lucrative finance career but am having a hard time garnering any interest/opportunities by just applying through the online portals.

To preface my situation, I graduated from a non-target last May with a dual-focused degree in finance and accounting. I finished with a 3.5 GPA while playing division-1 football and working a full time job. I did not make an NFL roster, so I decided to start a company. I created and filed 2 patents which are still currently pending and based my business model off of that patented tech. I raised over a million in funding and things were going great until an audit discovered that our fulfillment partner had been frauding my company. So fast forward to today and we are currently in a deep litigation process; my company has frozen operations and can no longer afford to pay anything besides lawyers.

This whole situation has been really tough on my family and I. My TC last year was $100k and I’d like to stay around there (obviously I’d love more) but at this point id be willing to take less and work harder to move back up into those higher levels of income just to be able to support them.

I would appreciate anyone’s willingness to help and would definitely return the favor and pass-on the good karma.

Also, sorry for the book but felt it was kinda necessary to outline my current experience and situation.


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  • Symantec dq.n.pb
    Are you on LinkedIn? Update your resume and highlight the projects you have worked. Also join forums and be active by answering any questions you can and involve yourself in discussion with articles posted.

    This will help you get attention from recruiters.
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  • Twitter racistmtfk
    Pm me for Twitter
    Jun 29 1
  • OP
    Yes I am on LinkedIn and I’ll definitely give that a try because I haven’t really been utilizing LinkedIn as a resource in that regard! Thank you
    Jun 29 1
    • Symantec dq.n.pb
      That has helped me.
      Jun 29


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