Looking for referrals in companies in the Bay area

Aug 27 8 Comments

I am looking for Software Engineer new grad roles in the Bay area and any referrals in companies like Cisco, eBay, F5 (or any company in the Bay area) are appreciated. I started working at a startup in Boston recently but want to move to the Bay area.


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  • eBay / Product blitzer
    Why do you want to work for eBay?
    Aug 31 1
    • OP
      There is no preference for any company, Bay Area is the key. Besides, eBay is definitely one of the companies I wanna join because of the work life balance and I'm curious about the kind of work they do to maintain the "auctioning process" minimising frauds.
      Aug 31
  • DM me for eBay.
    Aug 28 1
  • Cisco leet.code
    Dm me for cisco
    Aug 28 1
    • Oracle black_jack
      Mind referring one more for new grad position?
      Oct 7
  • F5 Networks UNJn71
    Send me resume
    Aug 28 0
  • Google curlyMarie
    Send your resume
    Aug 27 0