Looking for referrals towards any finance or tech companies related to finance

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Oct 19 1 Comment

Currently working at Amazon as an Area Manager for a fullfillment center in NY. I like the job so far but the commute is insane (4 hours everyday driving)/taking a toll to my health and the pay is just not worth it. Graduated college 2018 with a bachelor's in Finance and held several internships (5 internships from a fortune 500) in the past as well as started a few businesses of my own.

Would love to discuss more in detail if there is anyone who is interested in referring me to either a tech company or finance company. Have been applying to associate pm roles for linkedin and google. Would be great to get a referral towards Google or Linkedin. Thanks again everyone!

Interested in risk analyst, product or project manager roles (non-tech), financial analyst. It would be awesome to join a rotational program as well.


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  • First Republic fakeacct
    First republic bank is hiring. Not sure if are in the specific positions you mentioned
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