Looking to get into UI design this summer

Sapient Razorfish mrwrong
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Any reccomendations on good starting points? Been debating an in-class environment vs. online. Open to both, but looking to spending under $500. (Boy those bootcamp classes are getting crazy expensive)

Technical background about myself - have some experience using Sketch, InVision, some Adobe products (minimal Photoshop for edits, Illustrator for documents, but AE, ID are so clunky to me).

Have looked into a couple things so far such as Team Treehouse online, Lynda, Coursera and local design schools in my hometown Toronto - OCAD, George Brown.

Does anyone have any suggestions on visual practice considering I'll be working a full time job whole wanting to take this up on the side?


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  • Copy, copy, copy.

    The best way to learn is to start making. Break down existing design and recreate them by yourself. Eventually you’ll build up a muscle for visual design.

    Download some templates. Look at how they create components... understand how they use borders, gradients and shadows.

    As for some books...
    UI is communication is good
    Grid Systems
    Thinking with Type.
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