Lyft EM compensation

Facebook BwLo60
Jan 29

Currently EM at FB considering a switch to Lyft for potential upside. Looking for salary range for M1. Also curious on wlb

Yoe 8 yrs (2yrs as Manager)
Current TC 320k


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  • Facebook pdvF06
    How come your TC is too low for M1?
    Jan 290
  • Lyft Jwckal
    I don't know exactly, but since it's equivalent to a senior T5 I would guess it starts at over $400k
    Jan 293
  • Lyft / Product


    Between 400k and 500k
    Jan 291
    • Lyft sceakyK12
      about right for T6. T7 is about 550-650 and T8 is 650 to 800+
      Feb 1
  • Facebook Hodinkee
    At least 500k tc for m1.
    Jan 290
  • New Gonner
    Is Lyft recruiting for EM positions ? Bay area ?
    Jan 290
  • Microsoft y83j
    Current level/ YOE?
    Jan 290

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