Lyft EM compensation

Facebook BwLo60
Jan 29 13 Comments

Currently EM at FB considering a switch to Lyft for potential upside. Looking for salary range for M1. Also curious on wlb

Yoe 8 yrs (2yrs as Manager)
Current TC 320k


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TOP 13 Comments
  • Facebook pdvF06
    How come your TC is too low for M1?
    Jan 290
  • Dailymotion Sznp07
    I wonder how are the comp package now for new EM recruits post IPO are they still give over 700K in shares? assuming base and bonus are kinda the same for all those companies
    Apr 120
  • Lyft Jwckal
    I don't know exactly, but since it's equivalent to a senior T5 I would guess it starts at over $400k
    Jan 293
  • Facebook Hodinkee
    At least 500k tc for m1.
    Jan 292
    • Dailymotion Sznp07
      At FB or Lyft?
      Apr 10
    • Facebook Hodinkee
      I’d say at both but 320k is m0
      Apr 10
  • Lyft / Product


    Between 400k and 500k
    Jan 291
    • Lyft sceakyK12
      about right for T6. T7 is about 550-650 and T8 is 650 to 800+
      Feb 1
  • New Gonner
    Is Lyft recruiting for EM positions ? Bay area ?
    Jan 290
  • Microsoft y83j
    Current level/ YOE?
    Jan 290

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