Lyft Hiring Committee ?

Microsoft hCUk60
Feb 23 5 Comments

Does Lyft have a hiring committee or the manager in the loop makes the final decision ?

As I have other pending offers, was just wondering how many hops there are after Lyft onsite ?

Thank you !


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  • Lyft / Other uffuff
    Hiring committee yes. Weekly. If you can't wait then tell them soon after the interview and they can speed it up.
    Feb 23 0
  • Apple Icml2017
    Not sure about hiring committee but I received a note that I will receive an offer around 2-3 days after interview (and the offer details a week later).
    Feb 23 0
  • Microsoft g i n
    When was your interview?
    Feb 23 2
    • Microsoft hCUk60
      Feb 23
    • Microsoft hCUk60
      Nope I moved on with my other offers. Wish they responded one way or another.
      Feb 28


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