Lyft Level 5 TC

Google / Enggangmember
Jan 10

How much to expect for a T5 position? Also, does Level 5 pay more than the rest of Lyft?

TC: 295k


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  • Facebook NaHH38
    What’s so different about Level 5?
    Jan 103
    • Google Techmeme
      Its not Level 6, but just 5. There is an element of sexiness in it. You don’t see it?
      Jan 10
    • Google / Enggangmember
      It's their self driving division. Has its own hiring process and supposedly smarter people.
      Jan 10
    • Postmates poopmates
      Why not work at waymo?
      Jan 11
  • Pinterest Mlon Eusk
    Please kindly revert back with your current TC
    Jan 101

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