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Allstate / EngYolooooo
Sep 27, 2018 6 Comments

Interested in Lyft but wondering how’s their WLB? Is it flexible to WFH? Can someone with little kids at lyft chime in?


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  • Vertivco / Eng


    YouTube, American Bureau of Shipping, Facebook
    Gotta drive for 14 hours every day to meet that bonus quota.
    Sep 27, 20180
  • Lyft FjBX23
    Seattle is pretty good wlb. SF less so
    Sep 27, 20180
  • Wfh and wlb depends on team. Lots of parents now.
    Sep 30, 20180
    How is wlb in level5 ?
    Sep 27, 20181
    • Lyft freedom12
      Ok ok. Most teams follow agile. So work is budgeted in such a way that you have your hands full all the time. WFH discouraged except for Thursdays.
      Sep 28, 2018
  • Lyft VHRl15
    Not very flexible on WFH but flexible on hours (ie leaving early). WLB very much depends on team
    Sep 28, 20180

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