Lyft vs Apple - Offer help

Apple dfYT76
Jul 6 10 Comments

I Live in SF and got an offer from Lyft a few weeks ago, 160/200 (non engineer role). Unlimited vacation, short commute and free food are enticing. Work I’d be doing is slightly different from my bread and butter and would require some travel, but the job would give me experience for future bigger picture leadership roles.

Received counter from Apple, 190/200 with 10k sign on. Having worked at Apple for a while, WLB is very mellow . Commute is biggest down side. TC and Refresh is biggest upside.

What would you do? I’ve now worked with both groups so the people I’d be working with at both are not unknowns. Lyft culture may or may not be better but Apple seems more secure...


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  • New / Strategy

    New Strategy

    MIT BS MechE, Stanford GSB
    Apple. Move closer or midway. Your kid might possibly never heard of Lyft, in 20 years.
    Jul 6 0
  • Lyft. Apple will layoff people when iPhone 11 flops
    Jul 6 1
    • Salesforce hypeforce
      So, your advise is to choose a company which never made a profit, over company whose profit may dip ?
      Jul 6
  • Apple. For Lyft/Uber honeymoon period is over, they need to show profits in an year otherwise their stock will be similar price of GE. Self driving cars are away 10 years and they don’t have the capital to run for long term
    Jul 6 0
  • Uber happy555
    Lyft cannot see a clear future in the near future.
    Jul 6 2
    • How about Uber?
      Jul 6
    • Uber happy555
      This ride sharing industry is a doomed circle with burning money. That’s why uber is trying our best to compete in food delivery and freight business. Etc
      Jul 6
  • Apple


    Jul 6 0
  • Uber fccedcf
    Lyft. Commute is not a joke. Negotiate harder with Lyft
    Jul 6 0
  • Cerner pfdP78
    Jul 6 0