MBA -job switching

New umag
Nov 11 7 Comments

Any insight into how detrimental switching jobs is before applying for an MBA?

job switch would be moving up from a Sr. Manager to director role. would be my second job switch - as this role and previous role for 2 years each.

would target fall 2021 for MBA start.


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  • Uber vtsax1
    Why are you going for an MBA when you are already at Director level? YOE? Age? If you dont mind me asking?
    Nov 11 1
    • New umag
      Definitely don't mind. All fair questions! I'm 25, graduated in May 2016 so about 3 and a half years of experience. The MBA is to shift career focus to a more strategic executive role
      Nov 11
  • New PM_123
    In your case it’s a positive. Go for it!
    Nov 11 0
  • Amazon 866285
    What is the benefit of an MBA if you are already at that level?
    Nov 11 3
    • New umag
      Completely fair - notes some of this above. Also worth noting I work for a smaller company in the tech sector, however my clients are large (Coke, Walmart etc). The goal is to switch to a strategy type role at a higher level within innovation at a company like my clients.
      Nov 11
    • Southwest Airlines aldogjs
      Why not just form your own company instead of six figures for an MBA? Clearly you already have leadership experience and experience working with large clients. Most of these big companies "innovation" teams are garbage. If they were truly innovative, startups wouldn't exist to disrupt them lol
      Nov 11
    • New umag
      I work for a startup now and see the struggles that come with the disruption. Literally what my company was founded to do and what my day to day is but - there's a lot more to it and a lot I have to learn to make that happen! Plus at the end of the day funding comes from credibility and an MBA lends itself to that
      Nov 11


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