Microsoft dashoo
Mar 27 16 Comments

YoE 15
TC: 600k
Level M2 (MS 67/68, Amazon L7, Google L7, FB E7 equivalent)

Thinking of an executive MBA either Wharton SF or MIT.
1) Is it even worth the money (200k+) and more importantly time (35+ weekend away over a to hear period)?
2) Will it help me get to Director, then VP at a larger company (CTO/CEO to medium/small company).

I get mixed feedback from my mentors.


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  • Google / Eng chaks
    YoE 15. No need to get MBA
    Mar 27 0
  • Microsoft UMbR31
    Most people answering here won't have the yoe or position to help you... Better not ask on Blind.
    Mar 27 0
  • Google anons2
    No lol you could teach the class the both the students and the professor
    Mar 27 0
  • Uber


    Apple, Microsoft
    Yeah. EMBA would be worth it if from a top school. Would definitely help justify Director/VP promotions.

    At the very least, you do great networking and meet lots of VPs/Directors at great companies who can hire you. They usually want to work with people with whom they’ve established a relationship with and trust.
    Mar 28 0
  • Amazon wwqwwq
    Emba is just for networking
    Mar 27 0
  • Intuit gandolf
    Definitely worth it. Wharton > Sloan IMHO
    Mar 31 0
  • Reddit / Eng pzqf14
    Do you feel like you need access to a bigger network or lack a deep understanding of business?

    If so, is that alone worth 200k + lost salary from possible promo + your leasiure premium?

    If not, it is possible that may be the only benefits that you gain from the program, making it not worth it.

    I do know of people pursuing/pursued top (E)MBA for c-level potential, but those that I know that have done exactly that advise me against it.

    As a warning, I'm only a junior engineer, but I do have four c-level mentors and multiple in upper level management that talked me throught the flow listed above.
    Mar 27 0
  • Morgan Stanley ninja007
    Not worth it. I passed on a Wharton admit 5 years ago - when I was at a much more junior position.
    Mar 27 0
  • Amazon mnvguyds
    Not worth it, spend the time in finding the right connections and network with higher upssss... learn the politics
    Mar 27 0
  • Cloudera / Other

    Cloudera Other

    IBM, VMware
    Ivy league MBA, IIT
    Not worth it at this point.
    Mar 27 0
  • Cisco cust24577
    Not worth it, take a certificate program and call it good, or see if the company will pay for the executive education
    Mar 27 0
  • New krxc28
    Ads you at a global company? Not worth it
    Oct 31 0
  • Amazon NoColusion
    Look education at your level is really a personal question. If you are hungry to get a new perspective and feel that ot would be fulfilling, then totally do it!
    Mar 28 0
  • Nvidia madd
    EMBA for networking, definitely. The classes are going to be easier than undergrad econ 101.

    If you want to stay in tech, stay in the Bay area. The network and your classmates will be in more relevant companies and positions.
    Mar 28 0
  • Oracle / Other uYXP00
    Mar 27 0
  • Microsoft lMQO62
    Uni is only worth it to get that first hired position, and only worth it because it’s a traditional expectation — not because of practical value.
    Mar 27 0


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