MBA entry level and growth - compensation

Adobe VUMv54
Jan 29 8 Comments

How much can an MBA entry level grad joining as a Business Analyst with 6 years of previous experience expect from Adobe? Also during rewards every year, what is the average bump? How much room for negotiation is available?


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  • Microsoft Jeph Bezos
    I’d try joining as a manager. MBA + 6 years experience could make it happen. If not you’re looking at 120-140k base. Average merit increase of 2-5%, reward maybe 5-10k RSU vested over 4 years. Bonus of 10%.
    Jan 29 7
    • Qualtrics / Ops

      Qualtrics Ops

      Came from non tech to tech.
      I think 10k, at $100/share = $1,000,000.
      Jan 29
    • Hitachi Vantara / Other vataran
      It's $10k I'm assuming.
      Jan 29
    • Microsoft Jeph Bezos
      I’m worried about you.
      Jan 29
    • Adobe VUMv54
      How much can this vary if I joined as a manager? Are Adobe and MSFT similar in terms of MBA compensation?
      Jan 30
    • Microsoft Jeph Bezos
      Same bonus. Probably same rewards and merit increase. Your base could come up 10-15% though. Also, when you jump ship you’ll be able to do so a more senior level.
      Jan 30