MBA not a specialty occupation?

Intel denise
May 15 11 Comments

I'm planning on getting an MBA degree after 7 years in a tech field(have a Masters) - mainly to pivot to Finance / product management. Currently on an H1B and was looking to a top 10 part time MBA or online. However, I read that USCIS does not consider an MBA as a specialty occupation. And so I'm worried if I'm going to have a reject with continuing on my current H1b visa as the job role would not qualify for an H1?
Also, would my switch to a job that requires an MBA need a new H1b through the lottery? As that would fall under the non-STEM category, I'm mindful of just the one shot at the lottery.
Would be very helpful if any people who have gone through this or are in the same boat could's pretty much the only reason I'm not jumping in yet.


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  • F5 Networks buzz-word
    US or no US, should you stop living your life because of some stupid laws?

    Do what your heart feels like doing.
    May 15 8
    • Bloomberg / Eng UFEn11
      Let me ask you, which country your passport belongs to buzzword
      May 15
    • Facebook VTba14
      What if OP's heart feels like living in the US because everyone and thing he cares about is here? This is asinine reasoning.
      May 15
    • F5 Networks buzz-word
      May 15
    • Bloomberg / Eng UFEn11
      Of course
      May 15
    • F5 Networks buzz-word
      May 15
  • Microsoft / Product

    Microsoft Product

    Bain & Company
    You actually have 2 shots for the lottery if you have an offer before graduation. MBA is not an occupation, finance, marketing, operations. Prodict, etc are.
    May 15 1
    • Intel danke
      Thanks ! My bad for calling the degree an occupation. My point was that USCIS doesn't seem to consider finance,marketing and the like as specialty occupations. Hence my.concern if one can get a H1b for such a position?
      May 15