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VMware sha25
Apr 14 10 Comments


We are planning to buy a house in Mountain house because of affordability and good schools. How bad is the commute from MH to Palo Alto? Any one of you doing it on a regular basis? How do you guys commute?



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  • LinkedIn 黃帝
    The schools out there are not going to be good. The only advantage is your kid will be the star student in a sea of mediocre kids who play 12 hours of fortnite every day.

    There’s a reason why people pay Palo Alto prices. It’s not because they like living in a shitty 1400 sq ft Eichler.
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  • Lending Club •¥•¥•¥•
    My 2cents You should decide what is priority? Commute or big home. MH/Tracy to PaloAlto is Unthinkable to your back. Get a job in Pleasanton or San Ramon instead.
    Apr 14 0
  • Glu Mobile PQSK63
    I have a friend that tried this, 2+ hours each way. He ended up working 5 days from home because of commute.
    Apr 14 0
  • Intel / Eng bobwho?
    Dublin to mountain house in traffic can easily take another 30 to 45 mins. Dublin to Sanjose takes about 1hr to 1.5hr on most weekdays except Thursday and Friday where it’s longer. Unless you want to be in the road 4 to 5 hrs a day, it’s a bad choice.
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  • Zynga CuriousABC
    I live in Dublin - and I consider South Bay/Peninsula to be out of reach in terms of opportunities.
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  • New kdogg
    I have a coworker who commutes from Danville to DTSJ on a daily basis. It's about 1.5-2 hours each way. Not impossible, but not very desirable either . However, if spend a lot of time talking on the phone at work then your commute maybe more productive.
    Apr 19 0
  • Thermo Fisher / Sales zeussical
    Look at the coast instead. You can find nice homes and good schools from Santa Cruz up to Pacifica without a 2 hour commute each way and you get the advantage of living near the ocean.
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  • Google go ogle
    It’s 1.5 hours one way on a weekend. Easily 2x that on work day.
    Only if you can work from home on most days.
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  • Global Telecom & Technology / Eng

    Global Telecom & Technology Eng

    Escalation Engineer for managed secure remote access
    When I lived in Tracy and work in Pleasanton, leave between 5 and 6am takes 1.5 hours. 6 til 8am, about 2 hours. If I leave 830am, takes 45 minutes to office. This was 4 years ago. Same if you go home 45 minutes if you left by 2pm.
    Apr 14 0
  • VMware legarm
    Our alternate options are san ramon or pleasanton but ofcourse a smaller home or condo
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