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Sep 4 5 Comments

So if you are interviewing for a ML Engineer role, there could be 2 types coding interviews. One is the Software Engineering fundamentals and the second one I faced mostly was statistics related (mostly probabilities).
So LeetCode and Hackerrank seem to have good practices for the software engineering ones. Where do you get practice for coding on a Stats problems?

Note: here I am not talking about the regular ML exercises with a Data set and business problem to solve.


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  • New / Eng Oxto845788
    Trying to break into ML. Would love some insight too.
    Sep 4 0
  • Wiser / Eng TybA42
    I am also interviewing for MLE. I am game for a having a call sometime and discuss questions and experiences.
    Oct 10 0
  • New / Data JhYt70
    I am also preparing. Can somebody share insight?
    Sep 4 0
  • New / Eng

    New Eng

    Machine Learning Engineer with passion in actualizing the value of AI and proven experience in implementing ML pipelines in enterprise
    I'm currently in the process of interviewing for MLE roles. For ML knowledge: Intro/ESL, Deep Learning Book, 229, 231n, the usual. Do the coding exercises. DM me :)
    Sep 4 0
  • Cisco fang-u
    We both to practice together . Dm me
    Sep 4 0