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Amazon bezojef
May 4 7 Comments

SDE1 at AWS, TC: 150k

Have a slightly higher TC MS offer but with better vesting option and also received an offer from an other Amazon team (interned at this team, was contacted by the Senior manager of the team). Would it be wise to jump ship now or take the internal Amazon offer?

Motivation behind change: lack of leadership and high churn rate due to recent re-org
{Java API developer}


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  • Oath / Eng brokenness
    Here is my 2 cents.

    Don't jump less you have a significant bump in your TC. There are general two ways you get higher TC: job change or promotions.

    If you jump now, you job change TC should be good. Else you are ruining both chances. It's not like you van change jobs every 6 months, and your advancement to SDE II is delayed.

    I would assume this is your first job post college, else your TC would have been higher. In that stage, we also tend to want some time to get acclimatised to the new team, and we will have a lot to learn. I think it's best to focus on that.

    If you really want to change, you can take the internal Amazon offer. It's not like MS is that better than Amazon anyway, and you can get an MS offer whenever you want.

    My suggestion is to stay put now, grind LC, and get into FNG.
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  • Google ckxkkand
    General advice. If you’re transferring laterally in amazon, expect to get your promo progression reset. Managers will give you a bunch of BS about how transfers won’t impact promo but that’s what it is - BS and don’t buy it.

    Second thing is if you stay at SDE-1 for much longer than 2-2.5 years eyebrows will rise and you may get PIP’d. Ofc a lot of this is manager discretion and your new manager might love you, but it is risky to stay for more than 3 yrs on SDE-1. Assuming you’re a relatively average SDE-1 and it takes you two more years after the transfer to get promoted, you’re cutting things a bit too close for comfort.

    It’s helpful to get some assurance of development opportunities before you jump teams. But then if you’re a relatively junior / new-grad SDE-1 and you’re chatting with a Sr Mgr, it is very likely that the manager will basically able to BS his way out of anything you bring up.

    Msft might pan out if you find a good team. Or it might be more of the same. Reach out to your friends working in MS to ask about the team / org before you jump ship.
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    • Amazon / Eng batou
      thanks for the advice. for junior how to confirm the development opportunities at a new team before jumping ship?
      May 5
  • Amazon / Eng batou
    Does OP consider that the current team's lack of leadership delays OP's career development and future TC growth? That said, MS team do not necessarily have great leadership either.
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    • Amazon bezojef
      That is one my major concerns.
      May 5
  • New / Eng sr. verlis
    What location?
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