MSFT Offer Process & Trapdoors?

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Oct 28, 2018 1 Comment

Been reading horror stories on how the offer process can get derailed at Google, at some SVP review stage.

For those with knowledge on the hiring process at MSFT, how does it work and any traps I should look out for?

- I heard that you can nego between ranks (63/64) but not across (62/63). Is this true?
- When is rank and level determined? Before or after interview?
- Is there situation whereby counter offer need approval from higher up and there is a risk of rejection like Google? What happens then, does the entire offer get pulled?
- What happens if you interview with two teams? I understand that if both want you offer should be extended at same level, but what if you do much better for one?
- How do I find out if there is external constraints? Like team 1 has no budget beyond TC $200k but team 2 does?


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  • Microsoft DOyu71
    Msft hiring is much more streamlined than google. There will be something like 4-6 interviews depends on team. One of those interviews, usually the last if you make it that far, will be with a special interviewer called the As Appropriate. They are responsible for long term msft fit assessment and their feedback will be taken on prospective level.

    HM then decides on level with feedback from the interviewers and hr. Since you interview for a specific position, that position comes with a specific level. If its determined your level is below that target level, then that's it. If your prospective level is higher, than they may have to readjust the position level.

    If your leveled higher or there are competing/counter offers, that can drive up comp. If its within the level band it's usually not a big deal
    If it goes into another band (sr from sde2, principal from sr) that generally requires approval from finance and possible from VP if its principal. That usually isnt a big deal, I've done it several times with no problems. There isnt a risk of rejection but it is theoretically possible the new comp wouldnt be approved.

    If you interview with two teams they will work together to extend you one offer. If one wants you more then another, they will work it out. you dont find out if there are constraints.
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