MSFT finance Senior Manager vs Group Manager

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Nov 4 7 Comments

I am in a interview process for one finance position at MSFT. The recruiter said my experience with 10yrs exp is not eligible for Group Manager but a good fit for Senior Manager. What is the difference between those two position? Looks looke Group Manager is one level above Senior Manager, how about compensation range and diff, for finance or Non-eng?


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  • Microsoft / Mktg jfh464
    Same level; group manager just means you are a people manager (and likely on easier track to promotion to Director, since there are not a lot of IC 65s in finance). It’s bullshit that you aren’t eligible for group manager with 10 years experience though.
    Nov 4 2
    • Amazon 548
      Thanks for the info. If they really cannot offer me the group manager let’a say, will it be possible to get a TC for Sr. manager with TC above 200K, or it is not likely?
      Nov 4
    • Microsoft / Mktg jfh464
      I came in 3 years ago as SR mngr (non-Eng) at TC >$200k, so yeah, it’s possible. Group Manager would have the same comp as Senior Manager.
      Nov 5
  • Microsoft / Finance sebsid
    Well said above is bullshit :)
    There are very few ICs at lvl64 (Group manager) in finance. Most senior managers would be 62 or 63. This is a big jump from 63 to 64 (from Senior manager to Group manager) as there must be a team that you can lead.
    Comp levels and bonus brackets are different between 63 and 64 too.
    Nov 14 2
    • Microsoft / Mktg jfh464
      Group Manager can be a 63. Group Manger just means your have direct reports and are in the 63/64 band.
      Nov 15
    • Microsoft / Finance sebsid
      This is not true. In Finance group manager is only 64 and is an official title. And you can have direct reports as senior manager being a 63.
      Nov 15
  • Thomson Reuters / Finance

    Thomson Reuters Finance

    Likely as I know someone near that range. She negotiated hard though because she had a higher offer from Amazon.
    Nov 5 0


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