Machine Learning comp range?

New etnu41
Aug 1 7 Comments

I’ve searched Glassdoor, LinkedIn, etc. Machine Learning positions show lower median pay than software architect. In Austin, it’s about $120k for machine learning vs $150k for software architect. This seems wrong as there should be more demand and less supply for machine learning.

What’s a reasonable salary for a machine learning engineer role outside the Bay Area? Am I just searching for the wrong job title?

TC $165k / 15 YOE


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  • New rigC51
    ML is overrated , 85% work is building data pipeline and cleaning up the data.
    Aug 1 0
  • Oracle zXd43f
    This is not wrong. Actually there’s more supply than demand.
    Aug 1 2
    • New etnu41
      This seems inconsistent with all I’ve heard about FAANG hiring everyone who can do ML and there being a shortage everywhere else. Also seems inconsistent with anecdotal evidence I’ve heard. But all the searches I’ve done lead to this conclusion.
      Aug 1
    • Google TC or GTFΟ
      Data engineer / Data analyst / whatever < SWE = SWE working in ML <= ML / Data Researcher (PhD research position).
      Aug 2
  • SolarWinds AnEngineer
    A software architect is a grizzled veteran whose seen it all, knows all of the tech stacks, has led teams, etc.

    A machine learning engineer is just a specialized engineer. Maybe they've picked up some stats.

    What makes you think that's more valuable?
    Aug 1 2
    • New etnu41
      Cause most software architects that I know don’t know how to do ML. ML unlocks valuable insights and predictions that perhaps no one else at the company can provide. It has the potential to result in major savings or profit. Seems much more valuable than an architect who’s 10-20% better/more experienced than the other senior developers.
      Aug 1
    • SolarWinds AnEngineer
      Must software architects don't know how to do accounting either. I suppose you think accountants should make more?
      Aug 1


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