Machine learning engineer interview at Google

Amazon playsafe
Sep 15 8 Comments

i have an upcoming interview in Google for ML Engineer role.
i am currently a Data Scientist @Amazon.
Can anyone who is working as ML Engineer or inteviewed as ML Engineer at Google let me know what the interview process looks like?


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TOP 8 Comments
  • Amazon playsafe
    Are the coding and system design interviews any different than a typical SWE?
    Sep 15 2
    • Google / Eng LGKS21
      From what I've seen they are the same
      Sep 15
    • Illumina syTY05
      This is very helpful
      Sep 15
  • GE / Data wWNX02
    2 ML, one of which is more ML design. 2 coding and 1 behavioral.
    Sep 20 1
    • Axtria unicorn101
      Can you give an example of ML design? Any resources to study?
      Sep 20
  • Amazon playsafe
    Yes please share some details on design please..
    Sep 22 0
  • Axtria j61so9
    Sep 15 0
  • Google exquant
    It can vary a bit, especially depending on leve, but probably something like 2 ML interviews, 2 coding or system design, and 1 behavioral interview
    Sep 15 0