Making America Great Again 👍

Microsoft thefakies
Apr 11 12 Comments


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  • Google coolguy007
    this is just the continuing trend from previous administration, you'll see this one's effects in a few years from now.
    Apr 11 6
  • Apple 867530nine
    Good numbers. I’ll give Trump credit. He’s like Reagan, only a shittier version. But wait for it. This deficit spending and debt is going tank eventually. Even Reagan raised taxes many times after slashing them. No way in hell its sustainable.

    The tank runs dry eventually and we’re left with a shit load of debt and the wealthy cashed out. That’s the game being played here. It’s capitalism.
    Apr 11 2
    • Microsoft TqoN12
      I always ask myself who’s gonna margin call the US? We’d probably tell them to go fuck themselves. What are they gonna do about it? Literally every country is in debt. So does it even matter? China gets most their money from us...we’re in bed with each other. Like a bad relationship that neither can get out of. 🤷‍♂️
      Apr 11
    • Apple 867530nine
      The margin call will be sort of like an economic attack on the US. It’ll cripple the economy. We will say we have the nukes so make our day. The world economy will spin out of control and debt will like be forgiven and reset after prolonged fallout. At least that’s one scenario.
      Apr 12
  • Groupon / Eng sleepy
    I’m ready to praise Trump on this. He’s created a nice bubble. Now we’ll see if it bursts during his time. If the extreme left comes to power, despite what Krugman tells you, stock market will crash.
    Apr 14 1
    • Apple 867530nine
      The stock market will crash by itself eventually. It’s been an asset bubble for a while even before Trump. All that Easy QE money did its job. If the democrats win, it’ll happen sooner rather than later since Wall Street knows it’s not going to be tax cut, deficit spending stimulus party like it was under Trump. That’s why Trump is demanding the fed restart QE because GDP growth is only 3% and he was promising much bigger numbers.

      But the Dems are also fans of Keynesian spending on infrastructure. That’s does help. Most of Reagan’s success was because of epic Keynesian spending to end the Cold War. Compiled with huge tax breaks, the koolaid was flowing.

      But all parties must end.
      Apr 14


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