'Man Jose' Evidence

Salesforce lembun
May 10 7 Comments


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  • Apple net worth
    Women don’t stay single long if they work in tech. They get so many good partners to choose from that they easily find one to settle with
    May 10 2
    • Snapchat Timstammy
      Truth, Bay area is literally the easiest place to date if you're a woman. And it's already easy as it is to date as a woman
      May 10
    • Google notachad
      What does it mean easy to date as woman? Kind of meaningless statement, because in the end everybody gets person that has similar value to theirs. If you are talking hooking up then yes women can hook up more attractive than themselves, but for marriage obviously this is not the case.
      May 10
  • Netflix nflxos
    We need a chart that correlates TC with demand.
    May 10 0
  • Salesforce rcno01
    The amount of men in the Bay Area is not that bad considering a lot of men are actually gay and a lot of them are systematically eliminated by a ton of women too. If you have some game, you will be fine.
    May 10 1
    • New / Eng 4everalone
      systemically eliminated = 60% of males 😂
      May 10
  • Groupon bartend
    May 10 0