Management Career Path @ Visa, Inc.

TriNet Cbhs
Oct 9 6 Comments

Hi, I heard after being in lead Engineer role as individual contributor, next level up to grow is Engineering Director role as Visa, Inc. There seems to be no 'Manager' title and Is Director title elsewhere same as Level I manager at Visa?

What's the career path for management positions in general (Director -> Sr. Director -> VP -> Sr. VP)?


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  • Visa / Eng mmsd
    Yes they have Manager title in other departments which is equivalent to staff engineer.

    For enginerring department, director maps to manager.
    Sr director maps to sr manager
    Oct 9 0
  • Visa / Mgmt rockstar2
    You have manager designation even in engineering departments. It is equivalent to i6/staff. But you are better off trying to grow from lead to chief instead of moving to director.
    Oct 10 2
    • Visa / Eng mmsd
      I thought from lead to chief will be harder then director to sr director? Not many chief eng in my org (only 3+), but there are 10+ sr director.
      Oct 11
    • Visa / Mgmt rockstar2
      Which location? Growth is not great in FC. Things will change in FC. Austin and Bangalore HC will double as announced in all hands. Better opportunities there
      Oct 11
  • Indeed / Eng 6ty54erc
    Tc for director?
    Oct 11 1
    • TriNet Cbhs
      I’m interested to know total comp (Base+Bonus+RSU) as well for Director role in Austin
      Oct 16


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