Manager at Microsoft vs IC at Google/Uber

Microsoft AsK1bD
Mar 2 4 Comments

Currently I have offers as Senior software engineer position (Google/Uber), also there is choice to stay at Microsoft as Senior Manager. The compensation at Google/Uber is much better.

Does anyone have similar situation? Could you share your thoughts?


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  • Uber / Eng howdyptnr
    Probably would go SSE at Google/Uber, some L5 ICs definitely seem like they’re having a cruisy time and not in jeopardy of pip. Getting to L5 is the hard part. Would pick between G and U based on how interesting the teams hiring are.
    Mar 2 0
  • Microsoft rEwQ54
    How long at ur level at MS?
    Mar 2 1
    • Microsoft AsK1bD
      1 year at 64
      Mar 3
  • Microsoft rEwQ54
    65 promo is generally done at 2y so you have one more to burn at MS before getting to 65. I would suggest leaving
    Mar 3 0


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