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New Bvqb78
Jul 19 5 Comments

I am e-commerce manager, managing a team. I am on the business side without technical background. What are my job options in seattle area and what kind of roles I should be targeting?


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  • Facebook jfq0156
    I just mentioned that.
    Jul 20 0
  • Facebook jfq0156
    Non tech can be sales, marketing, supply chain, warehouse ops, prod ops, etc. without any additional info, not much can be offered
    Jul 20 2
    • New Bvqb78
      Thanks.. I was struggling with drafting the question.. please let me know what more should I provide to get better direction
      Jul 20
    • eBay qrKb86
      Add your current job role details . What kind of Manager? Sales/product/marketing etc?
      Jul 21
  • Walmart / Mgmt

    Walmart Mgmt

    The Walt Disney Company, Macy's
    In E-commerce, it's not so different than a regular company especially if you're not in the Tech field. I'm also in E-commerce but I work in Regulatory Compliance so I err into the law side. Any roles in a regular company, they probably have in the e-commerce side.
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