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eBay shock
Aug 3, 2018 3 Comments

I recently joined new company and my manager earlier said during interview x team but later put me in y team. Y team product is not good, but tech is ok. I came from better team so in 1:1 he keeps on asking whether i am happy with work or satisfied. I never show any such signals. I feel annoyed why he keeps on asking or is hebthinking that i am not performing well. How to know what is going on his mind? I heard in general he is very good manager.


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  • Expedia / Eng anony🐭
    Ask him
    Aug 3, 2018 0
  • Maybe he is asking if you are happy with work because he is a good manager and wants to make sure you are happy with work
    Aug 3, 2018 0
  • Microsoft OrangeAle
    Fucking be to the point in 1:1 and ask...
    Aug 3, 2018 0


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