Manager woes

Adobe / Mgmt six6seven7
Sep 25 10 Comments

boss: “I’d like you to feel empowered and be more proactive, really driving the projects.”

me: “ok, wow. this shift sounds great! I’ve been wanting an opportunity like this.”

boss: “now let me tell you exactly what i want you to do, here are 32 things you didn’t do correctly last time, stop asking clarification questions, i need the following minutia in detailed reports, and all PTO now need special permission during Q4. And no more working from home.”

me: <updates resume and linkedIn profile>

am I wrong?


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  • Microsoft vTk96
    Sounds like your manager got feedback from their manager that they micromanage too much. Which your manager then processed into micromanaging differently but not less.
    Sep 25 0
  • UnitedHealthcare / Eng C0D3M0NK
    You are not.
    Sep 25 0
  • Cerner @BigData
    I lost it at “Stop asking clarification questions”

    How can I improve, if we do not clarify things.
    Sep 25 1
    • Intel D’s🥜
      (It’s because the Boss has no f*cking clue how to answer any questions)
      Sep 25
  • Tektronix BazzokaGrl
    God that sucks!
    Sep 25 0
  • Groupon startTimeO
    Nope. God speed bro! 👊
    Sep 25 0
  • American Airlines / Mgmt p6Mrwa
    Nope. Not worth it. Smart and proactive
    Sep 28 0
  • Akamai Technologies / Eng __init__()
    Desi manager??
    Sep 25 0
  • Wayfair / Eng BScK77
    Ugh, I don't know why any manager would want to operate that way. I'd much rather say what we want to accomplish, how it fits with overall org and/or company strategy and let you go do it. I'll keep an eye out for roadblocks and otherwise support you. If you need to work only from 1am to 5am and can get the work done, go for it!
    Sep 25 0
  • Amazon Bi7d
    I'm guessing there's this follow up?

    Manager: Pikachu face
    Sep 25 0


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