Managers get free lunch, but not engineers..

New jkj
Dec 5, 2018 21 Comments

I see a lot of sr.managers/directors/vp's/c level people schedule lunch meetings all the time(sometimes intentionally.. i can see their calendar availability and its not uncommon to see their calendars open) and avoid paying for lunch by reimbursing their lunch while i as an engineer end up paying 15-20$ for a meal everyday.. how can i not feel pathetic about myself when i see them enjoying a free meal everyday while its out of my reach ..


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  • New / EngBabis
    Move to a company that offers free lunch?
    Dec 5, 20180
  • Microsoft naaam
    I have a feeling this is Amazon. That's where I've seen execs shamelessly eating their lunches in lunch time meetings and not ordering food for all the meeting attendees.
    Dec 5, 20182
    • DocuSign Gyrofunky
      That is poor form. If an EA brings lunch in for an Exec they should get orders for everyone
      Dec 5, 2018
    • Amazon / Otherfuckamazon
      At Amazon, an EA would probably be rewarded for buying only for the exec. It's "frugal", you only buy lunches for people if you want to bribe them to attend things like bug bashes.
      Dec 5, 2018
  • New / OtherAuntHilda
    That's a bad shadow the leaders of your company are casting. You have two options: leave the company or suck it up.
    Dec 5, 20180
  • Citibank / Finance$$>RSU
    Brown bag lunch. No need to spend that much on food if that’s a concern for you.
    Dec 5, 20180
  • Agilent Technologies / Datawhrb
    $20 a day only comes out to $5k a year or so. Not really that much compared to normal tech salaries. (Assuming you’re in tech in the Bay).

    Agreed it’s a Dick move though, dually so and stupidly so that they’re trying to keep it secret.

    Yeah, I’d say either unionize or play the market and leave are your only outs.
    Dec 5, 20186
    • Facebook / Engab.ab
      It's still 5k yo!
      Dec 5, 2018
    • Netflix / EngBlndrThngs
      After tax 5k too
      Dec 5, 2018
    • Nutanix monk420
      I used to think that way, until I realized how much cash I save and how much can I do with those $5k. So if there is opportunity to save that additional 5k, I would. For example, between a company that offers free food I would consider that free food cost as part of my TC.
      Dec 5, 2018
    • Agilent Technologies / Datawhrb
      What *can* you do with 8k (pre-tax) though? If I can’t afford a house / even a condo now, an extra 8k a year ain’t gonna make the difference.
      Dec 5, 2018
    • Nutanix monk420
      That's a weird logic. You can invest, make tid bit more money. You can rent a better house. Or you can just leave California with more money in bank .

      If I can make more money by working same amount of time, why the fuck not
      Dec 5, 2018
    • Agilent Technologies / Datawhrb
      Fair. I guess thinking of it as 8k more TC is the most reasonable thing. I think people easily get paid 8k more or less based on dumb luck, so I suppose the particularity of meals doesn’t bother me in the grand scheme of compensation inequalities.
      Dec 5, 2018
  • Google / MgmtLovedoo
    Welcome to capitalism. The ones on top crap on the bottom feeders. Managers make the rules. It’s the same reason why managers earn a premium, have higher reimbursement limits and get more benefits/perks, and sometimes get protected when a lesser mortal would get fired. The only antidote for the moment is to become a manager or join a more progressive company
    Dec 5, 20180
  • Expedia Tr33k
    If you are talking about an exec who get paid upwards of $200 per hour isnt it productive for them to have a working lunch?
    Dec 5, 20180
  • Sirius XM Debwh1
    The trade off with a free lunch in a meeting is that you have to spend your lunchtime thinking and talking about work.
    Dec 5, 20180
  • New WbGB43
    I’d rather get out of the office for an hour at lunch, if it costs me $15 I’m ok with that
    Dec 5, 20180
  • Intel UrMomma
    Are You jelly?
    Dec 5, 20180
  • Amazon / EngAm A Bot
    Free food/lunch is also a curse. When companies give lots of free perks there seems to be this unwritten agreement that you owe them more, that it’s not part of compensation/benefits.

    I worked at places with a free lunch, and it was soul sucking. The worst was the only job I ever had was a startup where I sometimes felt it necessary to sleep at work on a couch instead of going home to my family. Never again.
    Dec 5, 20180
  • Deloitte / Consultant


    Meal prep and make your own? lol
    Dec 5, 20180
  • Qualcomm / Engdynasty001
    Why do you care, unless the food they seve is gourmet quality good food. At my place all they serve for a lunch meeting is shitty rubios, sandwich etc. That is so nutrient-less that you can fill up on calories without getting any essential nutrients. I bag my lunch always. Be happy that you are treating your body right and not eating crap
    Dec 5, 20180

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