Managing bay area home from remote location

Nvidia Kzco71
Jun 7 5 Comments

Is there anyone who is managing their bay area home by renting it out from remote location? How is this done and whats your experience?


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  • Amazon baleybilli
    I did this for over 2 years and would recommend to rent on your own. I had a pleasant experience. Use services as Rentalutions to post and create lease and application verification. Rent out while you are still in town. Keep a local plumber/electrician in the know. I only spent $60 in repairs in 2 years. I was genuine to my tenants and explained them that they can either fix the damage or pay for it. I also kept rent towards high end to attract right kind of tenants. I never had a vacancy in 2 years. I used smartlocks and cameras remotely to show the place and video calls to discuss while they were looking.
    Jun 8 1
    • Nvidia Kzco71
      Thanks for the advice
      Jun 8
  • eBay / Eng Kilo77
    Hire a management company, less pain!
    Jun 7 0
  • Facebook public2
    Depends on number of rentals, easy to manage and travel to manage is tax deductible. Get a handyman on retainer. If you want zero hands on pay management company.
    Jun 7 0
  • Apple tWXs45
    I rent from someone who is remote. So I would presume it very much depends on the tenant.
    Jun 7 0