Managing direct reports without "manager" title – allowed/actionable (NYC)?

May 4 10 Comments

My department is restructuring and I am taking on three direct reports, but my promotion is not to "manager" but rather a senior-level version of my previous role. It came as a shock to me. In every other department, having direct reports triggers a "manager" titling. Any tips on what I can do if not just accept it? (My TC is not relevant.)


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  • Facebook HolidayCat
    Why does a word in your title matter?
    May 4 2
    • Pay does. You should be paid for what you do.
      May 4
    • OP
      So much harder to be hired as a manager at another firm without the word "manager" in the title, for one. Without it I just sound like I'm making the management element of the role up.

      And pay definitely a factor, as well.
      May 4
  • Amazon cec7iw
    Why not get the management experience so you would be best positioned. Or they could give the job to one of your peers who will now report to you. That way you will report to them instead.
    May 4 1
  • Facebook swe19
    TC or GTFO
    May 4 0
  • Uber BarH
    TC or gtfo
    May 4 0
  • YOE? And what is the job? Titles are meaningless.
    May 6 0
  • Why pay for the cow, when you can get the milk for free?
    May 5 0
  • Quit. Restructuring and not giving you a title, means, they will synergize one in soon and you’ll either be in the same redundant role or out of a job.

    In the best case scenario they will just keep you there as a manager without the title and keep your pay low.

    Not a good deal either way.
    May 4 0