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Accenture / Design NGdv26
Feb 12 3 Comments

I am interested in getting a role in marketing cloud. I have been with Accenture for 7 months now and taking roles that I truly show no interest seems a waste of time. Any insight into what steps to take given that I’ve already received my Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Specialist certification? I’ve applied for roles but it doesn’t seem easy to find “entry level” roles.


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  • LexisNexis / Mktg AndRu6
    If you have your cert already, stop applying for entry level.
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    • Accenture / Design NGdv26
      I’m level 11 and the next roles that stick out are 9 and 8. They seem to want several years experience. Does this matter?
      Jul 1
  • Look into Mason Frank and other large SF recruiting shops. Email Specialist is all you need cert wise. In Dallas with 3-4 years exp you can get 160-170k TC for development lead. Leverage your consulting experience during interviews and just apply around. ALOT of ppl use SFMC.

    I worked in industry doing SFMC for 3 years, now I do my own independent consulting for several companies. I assume you have a non compete now, but put out some feelers and look into some contract work if your young. I was able to make 3x consulting on my own doing much easier work than I imagine Accenture has you doing.
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