Marketing to product/engineering - How did you do it?

Subsplash / Mktg wacaky
Sep 14 3 Comments

Anyone happy with their move from marketing to product/engineering: I’d love to hear about your transition.

I’m in marketing in tech (7 YOE) and really enjoy my work, but TC (~90k) is abysmal compared to what it could be on the product/engineering side. I also sincerely think I would enjoy that line of work.

Staying with my company would be a huge bonus, so especially curious about pivoting internally (but I’m open).

Edit: Adding that I’m in Seattle


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  • Square huRju5
    I mean... you would have to learn to code, and that’s likely not going to happen on the job. PM would be more realistic.

    Also you’re underpaid. Consider tier 1/2/3 companies that will pay $100k base + equity.
    Sep 14 1
    • Subsplash / Mktg wacaky
      What would it look like to learn off the job? Willing to put in the hours, but not sure where to start or what opportunities would open up.
      Sep 14
  • New / Eng SYTY34
    Made the jump myself from marketing to software dev. I saved and quit my job to do a 4 month coding boot camp. Would your job allow a hiatus?
    Sep 14 0