Marriott data breach - 500m users data exposed

Dynatrace ldBe22
Nov 30, 2018 4 Comments


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  • Oracle fatalflaw
    Storing data seems to be a bigger problem than making good use of it. Why would they preserve data that's older than 18 months or so? We need some laws around deletion of PII within a couple of months of billing cycles at every business.
    Nov 30, 20182
    • Capital One / Engdesu
      You would store data for longer than 18 months because historical data is typically best for "making good use of" -- Good data beats complicated data models. A lot of data makes for good data. How to get a lot of data? Never delete any of it.

      And yes, storing data (security) definitely seems harder than making good use of it. Facebook definitely makes good use of their data, but apparently have also had this issue. (But so has Google to a lesser extent)
      Dec 1, 2018
    • Oracle fatalflaw
      Why did Marriott need to store data? They're not in the advertising business. We're creating problems that don't need to exist. Marriott and advertising existed before computer storage.
      Dec 1, 2018
  • Sheraton Hotels & Resorts KWUd71
    It's the Chinese, and Marriott will do nothing to hurt their growth in China.
    Jan 30

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