Masters relevant in HW?

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Jun 1 3 Comments

Considering doing a masters program in EE at UW. How important/necessary is it? What would be the reasons to get a masters?

Have you made it by with just a bachelors or for those with a masters are you glad you did?


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  • Nvidia pocoloco
    Hi, I have done master in Mech from UDub. I think masters help you get really deep in some sub domain of your field is is really useful according to me. You get to work a deeper technical level fairly soon after college and not a commodity but a specialised engineer.
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  • New osMS13
    What do you want to do? Is it for $ increase or expanded work opportunities?
    Jun 1 0
  • Samsung / Eng FWzv67
    If you want to do design, I recommend PhD. You get treated better and promoted quicker too. If you want to do DV, bachelor is enough
    Jun 1 0