Max TC for 2.5 yoe SWE

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Jul 16 15 Comments

Currently an enterprise engineer at Facebook. TC $160k. I failed a google onsite 2 months ago. So google and Facebook are out of the question.

Which companies will pay me the most and what’s the highest TC I can realistically get?


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  • Apple / Eng 🐒codemonk
    Jul 16 0
  • Amazon / Eng ayyyyyyyy
    What is an enterprise engineer?
    Jul 16 8
    • Red Hat / Eng johnniewic
      That blows! Sorry dude

      Try apple, dbx, twtr. They come close to 300k if interviews go well
      Jul 16
    • Red Hat / Eng johnniewic
      Also, I’d never apply to LinkedIn, but im pretty sure it’ll match g/fb offers. They like fang folks a lot, A != Amzn
      Jul 16
    • Facebook Graphite
      Thanks for the suggestions
      Jul 16
    • Amazon / Eng ayyyyyyyy
      Got it. I’ll refer you for Amazon. You can get 240 TC SDE2 if you can get an offer. You will get the chance to grow a lot as an engineer and be ready for the next level at any competitor, esp if you eventually get promoted to SDE3. You can DM me.
      Jul 17
    • Expedia / Product produxtBrah
      SWE for internal biz apps (basically IT)
      Jul 19
  • Daimler kubecuddle
    TC is not going to make you happy. Look for something with a great team, a product you identify with and an environment where you can grow with a good enough TC. Just my 2c...
    Jul 17 0
  • eBay abababbb
    Where r u based
    Jul 16 1
  • Google simplton
    What the heck is in an Enterprise engineer?
    Jul 16 1
    • Facebook leetbitch
      A way for Facebook to pay their employees less. PE, DE and EE are all SWE roles even in companies like Apple, Google
      Jul 16


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