Maybe I should switch to T-Mobile/Sprint?

Chase xEAGts
Jul 26 11 Comments

Headline news today! The merger is most def going through. What's interesting is through reading about this entire saga and seeing T-Mobile employees on Blind I'm actually seriously considering switching to T-Mobile/Sprint. Just seems like it's the best company out of the major US network providers. Anyone feel the same way lmao?


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  • T-Mobile / Design 9e72p1nq
    T-Mobile is solving interesting problems in the Telecom space and getting into more adjacent businesses as well. I truly enjoy the culture at the company and my leadership.
    Jul 27 0
  • Dish Network / Eng

    Dish Network Eng

    Code monkey
    Dish Network ftw.
    Jul 26 0
  • T-Mobile / Eng 🤴🏻Wick 🍇
    Don’t. 🤯
    Jul 26 0
  • T-Mobile SBVV13
    Had a chance to go to amazon. Part time remote even, which they rarely seem to do. Considered the options and am staying at TMO. We’re doing good work and it’s a fun place to be right. :-)
    Jul 29 0
  • T-Mobile


    Lol. Run away from telecom.
    Jul 27 0
  • AT&T Bqlj21
    Best cell phone provider? Yes. As a consumer, I’d rather use them. Work for att though. And agree with others. Run from telecom.
    Jul 29 2
    • T-Mobile lGYL20
      Why run?
      Jul 29
    • CenturyLink Bilboh
      I disagree, with conditions. If you’re a developer, Telecom is the best place to be right now. They’re in the middle of automating their network and overlaying advanced algorithms across massive internet backbone infrastructure, massive distributed systems. Being a part of this automation and code-making is premier work. If you’re on the business side, and not in sales, and not working with data, run away from telecom. Your job is going away.
      Sep 7
  • Verizon
    Atari 🦉


    Atari 🦉more
    Feels like banking is a better sector then telecom. At the very least, I don’t recommend switching to Verizon.
    Aug 2 0
  • T-Mobile


    Sr Program Manager
    Not in a tech role myself, but I’ve enjoyed my 8.5 years here in various roles.
    Jul 29 0
  • T-Mobile OtHN46
    T-Mobile IT Team is very good with state of art technology stack ... join
    Jul 27 0