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New ff1017
Oct 16 3 Comments

I'm attempting to shift into a data science career, and applied to an entry position at McKinsey.
The opening is in NY, and I'm going to need an H1B visa for that. Anyone here willing to give me a referral? Would gladly share resume.

"The H1B visa database shows that McKinsey has hired over 80 data scientists, engineers, and analytics professionals on H1B visas alone in the past 6 month." — efinancialCareers

Country: Egypt
YoE: 1-2
TC: $45k
#mckinsey #h1b #datascience


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  • GrubHub groggyfrog
    Is there a particular reason why you would wanna do DS at an MBB? I’ve not heard great things and they don’t pay that well, but it certainly is one way to get a foot in, just curious.
    Oct 16 1
    • New ff1017
      I heard about the pay too. I'm mainly motivated by their H1B visa sponsorship surge..makes me think I have a chance.
      Oct 16
  • McKinsey jEez00
    ^ MBB data science talent is only good at a place like QuantumBlack (lot of ex-MIT/Cambridge/Harvard) otherwise DSs tend to be pretty mediocre. That being said, I think diversity of work is pretty strong (definitely more so than equivalent DS roles in tech companies where you’re an insights lackie for PMs on a single product)

    Pay is benchmarked against consultant pay, so is lower than SWE pay.
    Oct 27 0


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